Food Arts Cafe


810 Equestrian Avenue,
Fishers Island, NY 06390

(631) 788-7498


Experience Food Arts Cafe, where food is a true work of art!

The cafe offers diverse and vibrant dishes made from seasonal, island-grown, and organic ingredients inspired by flavors from around the world.

We're on Island time.


OPEN Fri-Mon
from Memorial Day
Weekend until the End of June,
7 am-2 pm (closed Father’s Day)

OPEN Daily
in July - Labor Day
until the End of the Season,
7 am-2 pm (closed Wednesdays)

Chef Robin adds a unique twist to classic dishes, creating a satisfying display of culinary options every time.

Chef Robin gets her inspiration from what surrounds her: fresh flavors, vibrant colors, and a whole lot of family fun.

Food Arts Cafe provides an easy-to-navigate culinary adventure for those with an appetite for something new.

Download the menu today.

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Enjoy island-inspired flavors with a twist, served in a comforting, family-friendly dining venue.

Discover our delightful selection of healthy, freshly-made salads, epic sandwiches, and scrumptious pastries made from our in-house bakery.

Assorted Salad
Assorted Salad
Italian Ham
Roast Beef
Assorted Bagel
Assorted Bagel
Assorted Sandwich
Assorted Sandwich
Crunch Wrap

The Finest Blend

Start your day right with our signature organic, locally-roasted, fair-trade coffee.

Organic Coffee
Grab and Go

Dine In / Take Out

Feel free to stop by and pick up essential groceries and check out our selection of grab-and-go items in the cooler.

Fresh Cold Drinks

Recharge and rejuvenate with our variety of tea blends and cold drinks.

Cold Drinks

The food is consistently delicious, the staff is very friendly, and the take-home food is great. Robin, the chef goes in every morning to bake fresh cookies and muffins!

- wildblue

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Baked Goods
Baked Goods

Chef Robin is the absolute best! She catered our wedding and completely knocked it out of the park. People couldn't stop talking about how incredible the food was and we were grateful to be so well taken care of on our special day. Her menus are thoughtful and fresh and the execution is absolute perfection. I'm so happy that we get the chance to have Chef Robin's amazing cooking whenever we're on island at the Food Arts Cafe!

- XO

Our History

Just a local island mom of six using her Culinary Arts background to bring fresh and creative food to the neighborhood.

Food Arts Cafe is the product of Chef Robin’s 20 years of culinary arts expertise - using a combination of her signature dishes, family favorites, and cafe essentials with a dash of island flare.

Chef Robin Toldo’s culinary journey originated from her home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. From working in the food business since she was 14, her fervent dedication to exploring new flavors, textures, and food presentations led to the creation of visually captivating and delectable homemade dishes.


As a wife and mother, she pursued her passion by teaching cooking classes, crafting easy-to-follow home-cooked recipes, and expanding her creativity with food art. She started a successful and thriving hummus business despite being of Dutch descent and never stepping foot in the Middle East.

In 2013, her growing family moved to Fishers Island, where she continued her adventures down the culinary lane by managing the community center cafe, teaching cooking classes to the year-round crew, and providing catering services during the busy summer months.

Fishers Island

When the pandemic began, she actively participated in food provision drives for the mass of islanders on the Saturday morning FICC Farmers Style Market. The experience offered valuable insight into the grab-and-go food options people are looking for. An opportunity presented itself, and with the acquisition of the News Cafe building, the Food Arts Cafe concept was born. Chef Robin and the Toldo Family were thrilled to open the Food Arts Cafe in Spring 2022.

Chef Robin's culinary expertise and experience helped create a perfectly cozy space to showcase her love for family, island life, and food as an art.

This is us.

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